July 9, 2011

Summary from June 2011 KoosOlek

Food is our primary medicine
Author: Kaido Kirikmäe

Food and health – as important subject matters – are with high impact to all of us – without them rhythm of life soon stops as well as all sorts of activities associated with human habitation.

By now, food culture for me is as important as music and not only from consumer’s point of view, but also from composer's.

As you can experiment with interesting sounds, try their suitability and imapct on human consciousness, then all this can be done to prepare yourself and others delicious food.

Vegetable food makes us more vivacious and it coincides with scientific way of thinking, which argues that it is more time-consuming and energy expending to digest meat (compared to plant food).

Through a succesful combination of plant-based nutrients such as fruits and vegetables, leguminous, cereals and animal protein such as milk and cheese, it is possible to achieve surprising and delicious results.

I personally feel that if a person decides to choose what, how and where he eats, then it will also shape more consciously the choices of his other areas of life.

Diet should not be just simply human needs' fast satisfaction, but also meditation and procedure with therapeutic effects, which offers taste adventures and creates a sense of satisfaction at the same time.

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