The Centre of Volunteers in Järva county (in estonian Järvamaa Vabatahtlike Keskus  or JVK) 
is part of Paide SRIK and funded by National Foundation of Civil Society (KÜSK).
 Our aim is to coordinate the exchange of volunteers in Järva county: 
to find both volunteers and organizations who are interested and able to provide interesting 
and usable application for volunteers.
Our center as Paide SRIK are sprung up from the real initiative of local people.

phone +372 50 872 17 (Rainer Eidemiller) and +372 58247775 (Argo Loo).
See also Estonian Volunteer's web page Vabatahtlike Värav

One of our traits is to organize working parties as workshops to learn and practice traditional skills on different areas (landscape maintenance, renovation of old buildings etc):