May 26, 2011

Wabalinn Paide

On 2nd May association Weissenstein and The National Foundation of Civil Society signed a grant contract to support the project “Communal and Sustainable Paide”, total 10 700 €.

The project starts in May 2011 and lasts for 12 months. Its objective is to develop a vision and action plan through cooperation between citizens’ initiative and public authorities in order to shape Paide into more natural and sustainable city and vibrant and enterprising community.

The first part is preparation (from May to August), where will be discussed the basics of cooperation. In the second part (from September 2011 to April 2012) will be formed an initiative a group whose aim is to determine the main activities and working groups, who have professional competence in these areas. These areas may include:

1. Transport – reducing car ownership in the heart of the city, the uptake of electric cars, promoting biking and walking, developing a better public transport, etc.
2. Building – more extensive use of traditional and natural building materials in urban environments, increasing energy efficiency in buildings, sustainable renovation, etc.
3. Local enterprise development – to ensure local manufacturers and service providers more favorable conditions; completion of district’s inherent product branding; promotion of local culture and cultural heritage.
4. Communal way of life – promoting civic initiatives to develop urban environment; permaculture; extending local money’s flow.
5. Energy and waste management – the expansion of alternative energy (chips, solar and wind energy, biogas, etc). Sustainable waste management in urban environments.

The first draft will be held on 27th May at Paide community center.

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  1. Nice plan. Its really good that there is concern for the betterment of citizens of the nation.