August 16, 2011

Wabalinn Paide festival Kolmkõla – timetable

9th of September, Friday
The opening of Wabalinn and “Kolmkõla”

11:00 Invitation to the festival in front of the Town Hall and central square
11:30-14:00 Wabalinn presentations and lectures at the Town Hall, free
14:00-16:00 Vegetarian lunch at the central square’s green area
18:00 Janno Bergmann’s exhibition “Klaaspärliäng” opening at Thin Grete’s Gallery (Paide Community Centre, Tallinna 11), free
20:00 Poetry evening at Reval Kondiiter café – Kivisildnik, Batman & Robin (Vee 1), free
22:00 Mari Kalkun at Wittenstein Time Centre’s glass gallery (Vallitorn), 5 EUR
00:00 Night cinema at Paide Restaurant’s rooftop café (Keskväljak 15), free

10th of September, Saturday

12:00 Wabalinn performance in front of Paide Culture Centre (Pärnu 18), free
15:00 Welo orientation at the Old Town (Paide Community Centre, Tallinna 9 and 11), free
18:00 Mihkel Ilus’ art exhibition opening and Gottlieb Walrus Walrus Entertainment’s concert “Sarvekandja tihasnokk”, artist Chungin Han Minjujuji (Tallinna 11 box), free
20:00 Poetry- and meeting evening – Tõnu Trubetsky at Reval Kondiiter café (Vee 1), 2 EUR
22:00 “Külmkõlad” album presentation – 8 compositions dedicated to Arvo Pärt at Paide Restaurant’s rooftop café (Keskväljak 15), Ans Andur and Ragatmika concert, 5 EUR
00:00 Tallinfilm presents – night cinema at Paide Restaurant’s rooftop café (Keskväljak 15), fantasy and sci-fi movie “Commander Pirx” (1978), free

11th of September, Sunday

14:00 Concert of music by Arvo Pärt at Paide Holy Cross Church (Keskväljak 1)
Tiit Kiik (Niguliste Church) – organ
Tiiu Kiik – vocals, electronics
18:00 The ending at Thin Grete’s Gallery (Tallinna 11) – not quite free, something good should be brought along :)

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