Our newspaper

In november 2010 we started local community-newspaper project. Our small monthly newspaper is called KoosOlek (it has two meanings in estonian - meeting and co-existing). The idea is to reach to the people who do not use or do not want to use internet very much with the message of possibility of independent and sustainable local community.

We have only volunteers in our editorial board, but printing costs were originally covered by National Foundation of Civil Society (KÜSK), since June 2011 we are supported by Enterprise Estonia (EAS). You are also welcome to send your story or article to us! :)

contact: ajaleht@weissenstein.ee

donations: bank account 10220195838229 SEB (international payment: IBAN:EE511010220195838229, BIC:EEUHEE2X), receiver: "Ühendus Weissenstein".