April 1, 2013

Freetown congress

In March we had second "Wabalinna kongress", which may be transalted as "Freetown congress". As you see, it has a symbol of "Anarchy is Order". Yes, it was about anarchy. Many ideas, espacially on economic issues implemented by "communty movements" are actually borrowed form early works of anarchists (P.J.Proudhon, J. Warren, S. Gesell, L. Tolstoy, M. Rothband etc). It is often forgotten, that anarchy symbol says that it is connected to order not chaos. In many ways it is possible in small local communities, where people can and should cooperate without external pressure and regulations.

This time we had guests from Tallinn and Tartu: people who are involved in animal rights movement and squatters. And punk-bands in the evening of course :)

Some photos here of the congress and some of 2012 congress.

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