August 23, 2011

Wabalinn Paide Festival Kolmkõla – Art


Janno Bergman has always searched for sideways and secret passages instead of the well-trodden ways of the art scene. His education is a proof of this - he studied social work, art at Sütevaka Art Department, Academia Non Grata, at Ilya Kabakov's studio in New York as well as info-technology at the Pärnu German Technology School.

Since 1996 he has actively engaged in action, video and installation art; he has curated, visualized and conceptualized, leaving an imperceptible, yet lasting mark on the development of Estonian indie art.

The exhibition "Glasperlenangst" focuses on the deconstruction, modification and reproduction of various cultural utopias. It comprises six works - "Picasso's Bullet", "Literary Black Square", "The Deconstruction of Malevich' Black Square", "Why Would You Want Milk, If You Could Have Culture", "The Script for Validating the Human Soul", "A Transhumanistic View on the Development of Language and Culture".


Mihkel Ilus is a native of Paide and has graduated Department of Arts at the University of Tartu. Currently he is studying fine arts at Estonian Academy of Arts in postgraduate studies. He has participated in several art projects both here and abroad (eg: Georgia).

In spring at St. Canute a unique modern dance and painting uniting project "Kapriisid" took place –

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